Red in the face!

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At FUZION we meet people with red faces all the time. The first order of business is to diagnose the cause. Issues that result in red faces include infection, dermatitis, acne, vasculitis, allergic reaction, sunburn, inflammatory diseases and rosacea. Symptoms include flushing, broken capillaries, redness, acne-like lesions, swelling.. even changing the shape of your nose (rhinophyma)!

April is Rosacea awareness month.

There are over 16 million people suffering with rosacea in the US, including me. I’ve been in rosacea denial for years. Living with this embarrassing flushing and uncontrollable deep redness has plagued me for years. I would share my personal stories, but I’m trying not to flush while writing this…

Certain spicy foods, a glass of wine, stressful situations or medications can exacerbate the skin condition. Untreated rosacea can lead to permanent damage on the skin such as increased vascularity, bulbous nodules, enlarged pores, scars and disfiguration of the nose (like Ted Kennedy or W.C. Fields). Rosacea is an incurable condition, but can be controlled with behavior modification, medication and non-invasive treatments.

The first line in treating rosacea is behavior modification. I know this sounds hard to some of you, but these changes are pretty simple. The simple acts of applying a medical grade sunscreen, one containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, and avoiding hot spicy foods or hot water activities will limit the extent of the symptoms.

In more persistent cases, medication can be helpful. The mainstay of prescription treatments remain topical antibiotics such as metrogel or metrolotion.

True cases of rosacea can also be managed with non-invasive treatments and medical grade skin care. Avoiding skin care with fruit or vegetable extracts/enzymes, botanicals or harsh detergents will decrease irritation and redness.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments remain the gold standard in treating the vascular compromise associated with Rosacea. These treatments will only control the physical presentation of the condition and will need to be repeated in a series.

There is a new treatment on the horizon for rosacea. John Kuleza, PhD. the founder of Young Pharmaceuticals and maker of FUZION’s prescriptive skin care line, has formulated a chemical peel that effectively reduces the redness, irritation and symptoms associated with rosacea.

Yes, I said chemical peel!

It seems like an oxymoron, but the new Quellage peel is showing great promise for those suffering with rosacea. This proprietary formula is a painless, “burnless” and soothing treatment that reduces the symptoms of this condition. The peel is performed one to four times per year and comes with the at home products that will maximize your results.

We at FUZION use a combination of IPL, peels, skin care and prescriptive medications to best control the symptoms of rosacea. I invite you to set up your complimentary consultation to fully evaluate your condition.