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Breaking Up With The Sun

What would you say if I told you that you were in an abusive relationship? You are! With the sun. It’s time to end this one-sided relationship once and for all. Here are several ways to help you get over the breakup blues. 1. Get on Your A Game Retinols (Vitamin A) are essential for reducing

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Why Do I Need Antioxidants In My Skin Care?

Everybody knows that vitamin C plays an huge part of tissue growth and repair, but did you know that its effects on your skin are just as dramatic? Along with everyone at FUZION, I’m always looking out for ways to keep my skin healthy and vibrant. I know that vitamin C, also known as ascorbic

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Erasing Summer Sins! Share MY Pain…

Well Mab-Gabbers, as you can see I have taken the summer off from blogging. I have missed all of you. Long gone are the days when I would lie on my parent’s roof with my REO Speedwagon album covered in tinfoil, slathered in baby oil and spritzing Sun-In in my hair… Yes, my friends, I

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