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Pin-Up Dreams and Porcelan Skin

So, I have the “curves” I have the attitude and now I have the skin – thanks to Laura Chirstensen our medically trained¬†Esthetician. She has worked on thousands of patients in New Orleans, and now in Connecticut. She has ¬†helped them reverse signs of aging, photodamage, acne and many more skin issues. Laura will tell

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Erasing Summer Sins! Share MY Pain…

Well Mab-Gabbers, as you can see I have taken the summer off from blogging. I have missed all of you. Long gone are the days when I would lie on my parent’s roof with my REO Speedwagon album covered in tinfoil, slathered in baby oil and spritzing Sun-In in my hair… Yes, my friends, I

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Fraxel CO2 re:pair

It has been a long time since I have been this excited about a laser treatment! Most aesthetic enthusiasts already know the name, but have you personally experienced a Fraxel treatment? Let me know what you thought of your treatment, outcome, and opinions. Now, we move on to great news, the GOLD STANDARD in laser

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