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Isolaz Acne Laser Treatment #4

Hello FUZION fans, I wanted to make another quick Isolaz Acne Treatment update. I just had my fourth round of the laser with Laura this afternoon. She asked me to try and quantify the results so far. I would say at least 50% change, maybe even 60%. At the risk of sounding like a bad

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Prepping for my third round of Isolaz Acne Treatment

Hello everyone, I am getting ready for my third round of the Isolaz acne treatment this week. The results so far have been outstanding. The most noticeable improvement is simply the reduced amount of breakouts. I still have a trouble area or two near my chin and hairline that you can see in the photo

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Hi there, see that Isolaz video below—that’s me!

I was asked to provide everyone with a little update about the Isolaz acne laser procedure between treatments. (I am going back for my second pass with the laser tomorrow!) Now, I wasn’t shy about my decision to get the Isolaz laser and all week I have been hearing about how improved my skin looks,

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