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Smart Lipo MPX is the topic of the week!
FUZION is right on track! When we planned our follow follow Erica schedule, little did we know that The Doctors, the afternoon talk show, would be highlighting Smart Lipo MPX as well! This is the perfect time for all of you to learn about the latest in laser liposuction, minimally invasive body sculpting and all of the procedures offered at FUZION.

Most people ask “how many treatments does it take to get to where I want to be?” Well, the answer is ONE! It is truly simple – YOU LEAVE THE FAT IN THE JAR! It is one treatment, one time- great results! Smart Lipo MPX liquifies the fat, tightens the skin and leaves you smaller, smoother and scultped.

The anesthesia is local with tumescent. You lie comfortably on the procedure table while listening to your favorite music – highly recommend bringing your i-pod! Some have watched movies, or just taken a really good nap. Most people return to their regular activities within a couple of days. A local salon owner recently had her thighs done. Not only was she back to work (on her feet – cutting hair for 10 hours) in two days, but she sculpted 4.5 inches of her
thighs! Her husband wanted to know how we “lifted her butt” so high… That is never a bad thing!

Remember that Smart Lipo MPX, as with all cosmetic procedures, is not a substitute for weight loss, exercise and general good habits. Dr. Goodkind will be more than happy to discuss all of your body sculpting options. The consultation is free. Call today.