Prepping for my third round of Isolaz Acne Treatment

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Hello everyone,

I am getting ready for my third round of the Isolaz acne treatment this week. The results so far have been outstanding.

The most noticeable improvement is simply the reduced amount of breakouts. I still have a trouble area or two near my chin and hairline that you can see in the photo below, but my cheeks (traditionally they are just awful) are so smooth.

That is the second most noticeable improvement. Because my skin is not breaking out it feels so smooth. Usually by the time one break out was healing, another one was starting. Now that the breakouts have reduced, my skin is actually getting a chance to heal and it feels healthier then it has since this random case of acne began. When I put light makeup on it glides over my skin and doesn’t feel like I am slopping it on or smothering my pores. I guess I really am starting to believe that feeling good starts with looking good.

Laura gave me a stronger chemical peel last time which, despite the sunburned and peeling look I sported for the weekend, seems to be doing wonders to my overall skin tone.