Lessons in Latisse

by , under FAQs, Products, skin care

I just had what seems like an unusual question from one of our favorite patients, “What am I doing to cause abnormal hair growth on my cheeks and the bone under my eyes?”

My first question to her was, are you using Latisse? Latisse is one of our go-to products when it comes to growing lengthy lashes, but it does require proper and percise application. I explained to her that the natural heat and moisture of our skin can cause a product to “travel” in this case further down the slope of her face. I gave her a nice emollient eye cream to add to her nightly routine. This creates a barrier and prevents the Latisse from stimulating hair growth where she definitely doesn’t want it.

The moral of this story, is not to be afraid to come to us with even your most unusual skincare questions, because truthfully—we’ve heard it all! Make sure you check out our promotions on Latisse and other related eye-care products and services on our website.