FUZION’s Holiday Survival Kit

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Tis’ the season for overindulgence and over stressing. In the midst of last minute shopping trips and long days of travel, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to take care of yourself. As our gift to you, the experts here at FUZION have put together our 10 Holiday Tips + Tricks to put in your holiday survival kit. These should help you maintain a healthy holiday glow all season long.

  1. Staying sunny—It’s hard to stay cheerful if your skin is feeling dull, but remember the sun is always shining and you should always be wearing sunblock. We aren’t talking about that pasty white gunk you slather on in the summer, but a FUZION formula sunblock that can help protect your skin and maintain that holiday glow during the winter months.
  2. More Vitamin C—We can’t stress enough how damaging the winter months can be on your skin. We recommend also including a green tea serum or Vitamin C crystals by Cosmedix in your skin care regimen to help your skin stay healthy during those long days of travel.
  3. Keep traditions alive—Except dry skin. Don’t let yourself suffer from another holiday season of dry and cracking skin. FUZION’s fix is to add MoistuSilk to your current moisturizer. We even have a great spray on MoistuSilk for the entire body.
  4. Stow away the stretch pants—Even the experts at FUZION find it hard to resist all those holiday pies and tasty holiday martinis. We say—indulge! But be prepared for the fallout with our Designs for Health supplements and DETOX programs that can help you get back on track with a healthy and balanced diet. Even our 3 day DETOX can help you feel lighter and less sluggish when the excitement of the holidays wears off.
  5. Smile!—Our medical grade teeth whitening is a go to service for getting your pearly whites bright and shiny for your holiday events.
  6. Smooth it out—Be prepared for every flash and subsequent Facebook tag that will abound during this holiday season. A little BOTOX, Dysport or Xeamin goes a long way in making sure you feel refreshed, youthful and photo-ready. But these appointments fill up fast, so remember to book early!
  7. Pamper yourself—Take some time out of your hectic shopping schedule and party hopping to pamper yourself. A chemical peel, laser peel, microdermabrasion or IPL photo facial are painless, get-up-and-go procedures with long-term glowing power.
  8. Stay energized—This can be easier said then done and FUZION can help. Energy healing is a metaphysical experience that helps balance your flow of energy and alleviates pain from stress. This is a complimentary pre-opp service for anyone who receives a surgical procedure. But anyone can reap the benefits, that’s why it is available as a must-consider service!
  9. Find clarity—Inside and out. Stress can cause breakouts and well, then you end up stressing out about breakouts, which causes more breakouts [you get the picture]. Clarisonic, our miracle zit stick and the new Tanda (an at-home LED system) are some of the best ways we know for keeping breakouts at bay and maintaining a clear face.
  10. Relax—Are you still feeling overwhelmed? Then our final tip is to come see us for a FREE consultation. It is our pleasure to help you keep up with your holiday goals all the way in 2012.
And remember, gift giving can be easy—FUZION’s pre-packaged gift cards can help you go that little extra mile when it comes to gift giving. Mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, significant others and friends all deserve a gift that is just for them. We can even mail them for you and help ease a little of the stress that comes with finding the perfect gift. Especially with our Holiday Gift Card Special where we give you a gift card too!