Fuzion’s 4 Recommendations

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Okay, so our last post gave you a little introduction to the way the world has thought about beauty and aging. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to bum you out—we want to help you make healthy decisions that are right for your face.

By restoring ratios and redefining angles or re-volumizing areas of fat loss, we can help rejuvenate the aging face.

The ideal shap

Some wrinkles are formed because of muscle actions and others are formed through environmental factors. During the progression of these wrinkles, the face begins to lose that ideal shape. Unfortunately, this downward progression is usually more evident in the female face.

Take a look—the face in the photo changes from the ideal upside down triangle to a trapezoid due to sagging skin and cheek tissue.

So, I’m sure you’re thinking, “I thought she wasn’t trying to bum me out?” And you’re right. FUZION actually has the answers. Our professional, medical staff can evaluate your face and provide our expert recommendations.

Your Aging Face

However, we do have 4 excellent suggestions that most people looking to have an impact on the aging process may want to consider:

  1. Medical Grade Retinol
  2. SPF sun screen- EVERYDAY (even cloudy ones)
  3. Growth factors PSP/TNS
  4. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin C!

Those 4 steps are just some of the useful recommendations we have for you. So keep checking back with us because the next posts about facial aging will outline even more solutions available at FUZION!


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