Breaking Up With The Sun


What would you say if I told you that you were in an abusive relationship? You are! With the sun. It’s time to end this one-sided relationship once and for all. Here are several ways to help you get over the breakup blues.

1. Get on Your A Game
Retinols (Vitamin A) are essential for reducing wrinkles and other signs of sun damage, the irony is that retinols also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. FUZION recommends using products with Vitamin A (retinols) at night and a physical moisturizer with SPF during the day. Don’t forget to apply SPF to your hands and eyelids, these areas are most susceptible to UV damage. You may want to consider wearing driving gloves – fashion and function.

2. “C” Things Clearly
Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective ways to erase sun damage. This super-powered antioxidant is most effective in its stable form. FUZION recommends Vitamin C Crystals and “C-Mollient” cream in an airless pump. These forms guard against oxidization. Apply Vitamin C daily for best results.

3. Look on the bright side.
FUZION has specifically compounded medications to combat the signs of sun damage. FUZION Skin Brightening Cream and Skin Resurfacing Brightening Pads contain strong medicine that will improve your skin’s quality within two weeks.

4. Lighten Up
Customized cosmeceuticals with powerful lightening agents can result in improved even skin tone, resolution of hyper-pigmented lesions and textural abnormalities. These agents include hydroquinone, Kojic acid, Arbutase, L-arbutin and a number of homeopathic agents. Let our Medical Aesthetician, Laura Christensen, blend your perfect prescription.

5. Fake it ’til you make it!
Try a beautiful bronzer. glominerals offers natural bronzing products with healthy Vitamins C, A, K and E to help heal your skin while giving you a beautiful alternative to the sun. Might we also recommend a spray tan. Our friends at Rain Spa and Bravada Hair Lounge, both here in Branford, offer natural looking spray tans to give you that healthy glow.

6. Hide and Go Sleek
Traditional make up foundations simply cover skin sins. glominerals has just introduced LUXE foundation with all the benefits that glo is famous for, with the added benefit of diamonds! The diamond dust leaves you with even coverage and brilliant shimmer. Try it out with make-up artist Kristen Paolillo at our October Beauty Bash.

7. Resurface with lasers
Dead skin cells thwart these powerful ingredients from doing their jobs. Laser treatments are most effective with treating signs of sun damage;  brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, all the awful consequences of your abusive relationship. At FUZION we offer several laser options –from a baby step laser facial, to our “big daddy” laser the Fraxel CO2.  Join us next Thursday for our Beauty Bash No. 10, we’ll share the details plus we’ll be demonstrating a laser peel treatment LIVE!!!!

8. Quench Your Skin
Moisturize your face and body daily, but many of us forget to moisturize from the inside out – we recommend drinking 64 oz of non-caffeinated beverages daily, preferably water.

9. Get Naked!
Make an appointment with a Clinical Dermatologist once a year for a full body scan. Regardless of your skin color, it is important to evaluate your skin health.

The Sun. It’s the best part of  summer and the worst thing for your skin. Besides being the biggest cause of skin cancer (the most common form of the “Big C” in men), the sun’s rays are about 90% to blame for signs of aging, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Think: wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. That tan suddenly doesn’t look so sexy, does it? Sorry sun…it’s you…not me.

FUZION U – Pamper Your Peepers


Jeepers creepers, what’s going on with your peepers? Patients come to me on a daily basis asking how to rejuvenate their eye area. Pampering your peepers is an essential part of looking younger. I’ve tried to make it simple by listing the complaints I always hear, followed by the best treatments I recommend. If I missed one, let me know and I’ll be happy to post an answer for you.

Solution: Dysport or BOTOX injections around the eye will reduce most lines for 3 months. For those of you who are not into injections, fractionated lasers like the Affirm or Fraxel CO2 provide years of improvement by rebuilding the collagen and resurfacing the lines that have already formed. On a budget? Start with a resurfacing peel (some people require a series) and then maintain with a medical grade retinol and growth factor based eye cream.

Solution: Resurface with a peel, followed by a hydrating medical grade moisturizer. Need more? Push the “reset” button with a Fraxel CO2 laser treatment. One treatment will give you the next best thing to brand new skin. More of a “Do It Yourselfer”? Try the highly acclaimed Tanda Luxe Photofacial LED device paired with our very own Vitamin C Emollient cream.

Solution: The gold standard for this typically genetic issue is surgery. A simple 45 minute procedure will rid you of these pesky peeper problems for the rest of your life! Not a surgical person? An amazing non-surgical option is Belotero or Restylane injections into the area just below the fullness to blend and balance the eye and cheek junction. This simple procedure has gotten even better since we started using cannulas (safer alternative to a needle). The cannulas minimize bruising, swelling, side effects and downtime.

Solution: The upper lid skin that forms a drape across your eye can actually be a medical issue. A professional eye exam can help determine how extensive your “hooding” is. The answer, medical or cosmetic, is truly surgery. This 60 minute surgery is simple and may even be performed in a minimally invasive setting under local anesthetic. Looking for a laser option? The Fraxel CO2 or the Affirm will help to tighten, resurface and rejuvenate the upper lid area for years to come.

Take the time to pamper your peepers this month. Remember, cosmetic consultations are always free at FUZION. We look forward to helping you look your best.

Is Getting BOTOX Once Better Than Never?


B&A Botox Crowsfeet 1

“IF I get fillers and BOTOX now, will it make me look better later than I would had I not had any injections at all?”

I get asked this question often—and my very simple answer is YES, you will definitely look better longterm.

Think of it this way, if you use sunscreen everyday, rain or shine,  you are actually preventing the sun from damaging your skin prematurely. Just the same way, dermal fillers that plump and add volume to skin actually prevent lines already present from getting deeper and more pronounced…and will also help to keep new lines from forming. Fillers act as a support mechanism which helps skin from sagging, the natural result of gravity and genetics.

BOTOX, or any injectable that minimizes muscle movement, also aids in preventing the formation of deeper creases and even works to prevent new lines from forming. Both types of injectables put aging in a slow motion pattern—please understand, it won’t stop the aging process from happening, but it will certainly slow it down and keep you looking your best.

It’s preventative maintenance like this that makes you look your best now…and better later.
Have more questions? Just ask…we’re here to help.
B&A Under Eye Filler

Kati Midgley, PA-C
Medical Director, FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique









Top 10 things we learned in Las Vegas


As you know FUZION is all about education. In order to provide our patients with the latest in Medical Aesthetics our staff continually receives training in all areas of our practice.

We recently attended a multi-disciplinary conference on all things aesthetic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our staff was excited to see the big city lights, take in a show and play some blackjack (I was the one most excited about the blackjack), but most of all, we were excited to learn the latest and greatest in aesthetic medicine. The overall take home message is that FUZION remains ahead of the curve!  BUT that doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels….  We always want to ensure every encounter our patients receive with FUZION is a great one.

Here’s our list of the top 10 things we learned, and stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more with you over the course of the month.

  1. People from around the world are just discovering the benefits of Sculptra, global dermal filler. We have been treating our patients with it for 5 years, with exceptional results. Did you know Sculptra is perfect for patients who have a significant amount of volume loss through the temples, under the eyes, hollows of your cheeks? Sculptra is a “global” filler, it works to help promote collagen growth which plumps skin. This treatment can last up to 2 years and sometimes even longer.
  2. Major, life changing, side effects are 4 times more likely to occur when dermal fillers are administered by untrained injectors. Always take the time to learn about the background and experience of your injector.
  3. Do you know about hyalouronidase?  You probably don’t, but your injector should, it’s the reversing agent for Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Belotero. We learned it is only carried in 2% of Aesthetic offices nationally. This may mean that less trained injectors are unable to reverse an undesired outcome, or unable to effectively treat a potential devastating side effect. FUZION always has hyalouronidase on hand. If you decide to plump your lips using one of these fillers – Juvederm, Resylane, Perlane or Belotero, and after a few days you really can’t get used to the Lisa Rinna look, they can be reversed with hyalouronidase.  (We can reverse other area’s treated with these specific fillers too)
  4. We know our patients have concerns about bruising, that’s the reason we have been injecting with sculpting blunt tip cannulas for years, when it’s appropriate.  They cause less bruising, less pain and less potential vessel occlusion (blockage of blood flow).  We just purchased a new version while in Las Vegas, so come in and give them a try!
  5. You’ll be hearing more about cutting edge age-reversing therapy—a technique combining laser therapy and HEMO-fil (stem cell/growth factor therapy). FUZION has recommended this for several years, because it really works. Acne scarring, wrinkles and crepey skin responds extremely well to this combination of laser and HEMO-fil therapy. The laser works to resurface the skin, while the HEMO-fil injections are working from within to help stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is that wonderful stuff that keeps us looking youthful.
  6. The “experts” in Vegas recommended creating a rewards program as a way of thanking patients. FUZION’s Fringe Benefits rewards program has been in full force for three years and has rewarded over $100,000 to our loyal patients. With every dollar you spend in FUZION on services and skincare products earn reward points. 500 reward points equal a $50 gift card.
    *Elective cosmetic surgery patients receive rewards points too! (on surgeons fee only)
  7. The injector’s panel discussed the use of combining different dermal filling agents to achieve the most natural look. Many facilities limit their fillers to one type. At FUZION we utilize eight different filling agents to best meet your individual needs. It’s not about the “syringe:” it’s about using the appropriate filler(s) to achieve the best result for the patient. It’s not one size fits all.
  8. One of the lectures discussed the importance of educating patients and your staff. You should know that education is our most important job—our staff receives advanced education too! This ensures that you receive a great experience each and every time you interact with FUZION in our office, on the phone, via our website and social media. We are currently implementing new procedures to help you give us feedback on how we might help you more. FUZION will soon be offering the latest micro-needling procedure called the BOTOX “Facial.” It’s a process of tiny superficial injections which help to improve the appearance of the tone and texture of skin. Works great on face, neck, and more…  Stay tuned for more information soon…
  9. Many people think that aesthetic services are out of their price range. After much polling and discussion, we were pleased to find out that our prices are very competitive—even on a national scale. These are our “raw prices”- not taking into account any specials, Fringe Benefits, Brilliant Distinctions or manufacturers coupons.
  10. There are many states working to make Aesthetic Medicine practices safer for patients. We’re proud to share with you Dr. Goodkind and FUZION are currently working with the Plastic Surgery and Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistant lobbyist, as well as state government to ensure that your Aesthetic Medicine experience is provided by a licensed, well trained provider. We will have more to report on this in the near future.

Hopefully you have learned a little from our Vegas experience as well. Remember, fall is the best time of year to repair your skin after the summer sun. Mention this blog when making your appointment and get a free gift!

*One gift per person. Offer expires August 31. While supplies last – gift cannot be exchanged/ returned and carries no cash/credit value.

FUZION U – Your Skin and Humidity


Did you know that the heat in the summer tortures your skin? I’ve compiled a few suggestions to help your skin survive and thrive in Connecticut’s humidity. Remember, the way you treat your skin today will affect the way it looks years from now!

Lighten Up
Switch your moisturizer over to a lightweight water-based version for summer. A lighter moisturizer will allow your skin to breathe more freely without making your skin feel weighed down. Heavier moisturizers should be saved for night or winter. 

Clean It Up
Start off your day with your Clarisonic and a gentle cleanser to smooth and clean your skin of the impurities that build up in warmer weather.

Cool It Down
Spray your face with Mystic Spray to give your skin a nice boost of energy and to help with the cooling process. The natural ingredients will immediately give you a sense of cool refreshment, while the regular application of Mystic will aid the overall appearance of tone and texture.

Go Naked
If you are good to your skin and treat it regularly with antioxidants, resurfacing agents (Saturday Night Bright Pads are my favorite) and Retinol as directed, your skin should be ready to go make up free. A simple tinted sunscreen, such as Prime Shade or Journee, should be enough coverage and full protection from the sun’s harmful rays. If you need a little more coverage, try mixing a small amount of Prime Shade with a BB or CC (color corrector) cream for all day results.

Drink Up
Even though you feel like you’re drowning in the moisture that’s in the air all around you, you still have to drink plenty of water in order to keep hydrated and cool. Extra hydration will only help the appearance of your beautiful skin.

These simple tips will help your skin look and feel its best during the dog days of summer. Don’t forget that fall is the best time of year to erase the sins of summer and rid yourself of brown spots, tone and texture impurities. It’s time to schedule your annual skin review at FUZION with Laura Christensen, our licensed professional Aesthetician.


Do You Know Who Your Injector Is?


What makes the difference between a great beauty procedure and a not-so-great one? The most important part is your injector of course! Do you know how good your injector is? I’ll tell you a secret—they’re not all the same!

At FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique, we work tirelessly not only to educate you, but to further our own education. I’ve gone through countless courses and certifications to become a true expert in beauty, and it shows on each of my beautiful patient’s faces!

Here are a few questions to ask when you need to find out how good your injector is. I will use myself as a comparison and tell you some things to watch out for!

What is their education? You’re too beautiful to put yourself in the hands of anyone but a fully educated aesthetic professional. I’m a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s Physician Assistant program where I’ve returned as a clinical instructor. I also hold a master’s degree in Public Health Science and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University. These degrees serve as the foundation for my continued education, to make sure you are always getting the best treatment available.

What are they certified in? It wouldn’t be very good if someone is giving you BOTOX but they’re only certified in Dysport! I personally am certified in:

Dermal Fillers
Advanced Skin Care
Ambulatory Phlembectomy/ Vascular Laser Therapy
Laser Science
Dermatologic Skin Evaluation
Mesotherapy/ Lipodissolve

Another question to ask is how long have they been practicing? It’s hard to be an “expert” if you’ve only been doing injectables for two years.

I began working as a physician’s assistant in 2002. I then became the Founder, Associate Medical Director and Creative Coordinator of Clarity Medical Aesthetics and Rejuvenation. This of course was before creating FUZION, which I’ve been fortunate enough to watch grow tremendously over the years. This has always been my passion. If you’re not from Connecticut, make sure that any other injectors you see are excited and passionate about what they do.

Finally, if you want to find the a reliable professional, look for who’s putting their efforts back into the community. Go to a beauty seminar or read about the speakers there. I’ve been honored to be invited as a speaker and educator at many institutions including Quinnipiac University Physician Assistant program Clinical Instructor, Cynosure laser trainer, Yale Emergency Medicine PA Clinical Instructor and National BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers, medical aesthetics and Sclerotherapy Instructor for Esthetic Skin Institute, LLC.

As always, if you have any questions please comment here or write to me and the team at If you’re ready to talk more in-depth, you can always sign up for a free consultation here.

Be bright. Be Beautiful. Be confident.


- Kati Midgley, BSPT, MHS, PA-C

FUZION U – Sunscreen That Hurts


Your sunscreen may be hurting you! Now put it on!

We’ve all been lectured by our parents, doctors and overly health-conscious friends about the importance of using sunscreen especially during the summer months. What you probably haven’t seen is a comprehensive analysis of the ingredients in sunscreens and the effects those ingredients may have on your health—until now! The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) 2013 Guide to Sunscreen, provides four shocking facts about your sunscreen.

Laura and I made a video discussing the effectiveness and importance of sunscreen. We at FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique are all about full product disclosure.  If you haven’t already, watch that video by clicking here.



1. High SPF numbered products do NOT equate to superb protection.

2. Many products provide weak protection from UVA radiation.

3. Using sunscreens containing vitamin A (retinol/retinyl palmitate) could promote tumor development. Be sure to use your retinol as directed. If you are concerned about this issue, please call the office for personal instruction.

4. Common chemicals used in sunscreens may cause hormone disruption and skin allergies.


The trouble with high-SPF sunscreens is that they give sunbathers a false sense of security. People who use products with high-SPF ratings may stay in the sun far longer and reapply sunscreen less often than those using products with low-SPFs. Also, products with higher SPFs contain more sun-filtering chemicals. Without a known health benefit, it is prudent to minimize the use of chemicals that can potentially cause hormonal imbalances, skin allergies and even damage skin! Don’t be fooled by ads for high-SPF sunscreens.

If you have your own questions or would like help choosing a safe, effective sunscreen for you and your family, we are always happy to help you.

- Kati Midgley

FUZION U – Out! Out! Brown Spot


A lot of people ask me about brown spots, but most of them only think about it once they already have them! Brown spots are a long-term development. If you want to know you’re way around them you need to get learning now! Here are a few fun facts about brown spots:

· Brown spots start forming as soon as you’re out of the womb.

· Brown spots start to surface in our 30′s and continue to get darker and more numerous each year.

· All brown spotting is caused by the sun (yes, all of them!).

· All brown spots are not created equal—some are superficial, others are deeper and harder to treat.

· Hormonally induced brown spots (ie: melasma), will wax and wane as do our hormones. These are best treated with a Melanage peel and topical prescription strength lighteners. Laser treatments may actually make melasma worse.

· Most other brown spots can be effectively treated with laser.

· All spotting can be treated with peels and topical prescription lighteners.

· A zinc based sunscreen is the best way to keep brown spots from worsening.

· Some brown spots may never completely go away. They will respond to lighteners and will fade, but can darken again without constant vigilance.

· Think of treating brown spots as routine maintenance, just like dental cleanings and coloring your hair.

· You have to actually apply a zinc based sunscreen EVERYDAY, even when it’s cloudy and gray.

Now don’t throw your hands up in frustration. We have never met a brown spot we couldn’t improve if not fade completely. It will take time, patience, compliance on your part and the guidance of a medical professional. To get your custom spot treatment plan, just call or email me today at to schedule your complimentary skin consultation at FUZION. I’m always available to help you get your brown spots out!

Laura Gautreaux Christensen

Medical Aesthetician

FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique


FUZION U – Sunscreen


Did you know that you still need sunscreen despite the winter coat, rain coat and galoshes? Sun protection is not just for sunny days. It is necessary everyday, if not multiple times a day. There are a few factors that you should understand about sun protection:

  1. Your sunscreen should be zinc-based. This physical natural element provides the most effective protection against UVA and UVB rays. Protection from both types of ultra violet light is crucial in order to protect all the layers of your skin from premature aging and multiple forms of skin cancer.
  2. The SPF number is not a reliable measure of how potent it is. The FDA has loose regulations when it comes to SPF measurement, though it is in the process of enforcing stricter regulations by 2014. Use the ingredients as a better measure.
  3. “Waterproof” is not foolproof. It would be more appropriate to call it water resistant. These sunscreens are only effective for 40-80 minutes at a time. We urge you to adopt the mantra “reapply, reapply and reapply!”
  4. Seek out a professional clinical dermatologist for a skin check annually. If you need a referral to a dermatologist, we are happy to help make recommendations.


Please enjoy our humorous and educational video about sun protection!