Ten Tips to Finding the Right Aesthetics Practice

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During this difficult time, changing healthcare regulations and lagging medical incomes even the most prominent physicians are looking for ways to supplement their incomes. Many of them are turning towards aesthetic treatments. These are elective cash based treatments that millions of patients will pay dearly for. Over 13 billion aesthetic treatments were performed last year alone. Despite the economy, aesthetic treatments rose in frequency in 2009. The recent report released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery listed an increase in non-surgical aesthetic options.

We at FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique take your health, and aesthetic needs seriously. Dr. Goodkind and I are committed to bringing you safe and effective treatments. Education is imperative!  Arm yourself with the knowledge and you will know what to ask, expect and receive. People from around the country read our blog, so we are writing this to educate everyone. I hope you find it informative.

Many people don’t know that there are laws governing aesthetic practices in the state of Connecticut. Did you know that you have to be an MD, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practictioner to operate a laser independently?  If a nurse is operating a laser, their Supervising Physician must be onsite and able to observe, intervene or treat any side effects that may occur.  Each state has its’ own laws, so check with your local Department of Public Health for your state.
1.  Who is the physician associated with the practice? Is their name in clear site at the office? Are you informed of their name and Board Certifications?
2. When is the doctor on site? Do they have an office on site or are they only available by phone?
3. Do patients/clients have access to the doctor?
4. What is the specific speciality of the doctor?
5. What is the specific training and experience of the treatment provider, if it’s not the doctor? How many of these procedures have they done? how long have they worked in aesthetics? Do they hold any special certifications?
6. How often is the treatment provider in contact with the doctor?
7. If a patient has an unexpected reaction, what is the emergency plan? Who is in charge of that plan? Do they have the appropriate qualifications to manage that reaction?
8.What kind of evaluation must patients undergo before their first treatment? Was your consultation performed by a medical professional or skincare specialist?
9. Do you have access to your provider after hours? Do they have prescriptive priviledges to manage any side effects?

10. Who is calling the shots?  Did the consulting professional assess your needs or did you tell them what you saw on tv and that is what was done?

If you are not satisfied with your answers, please keep looking. If you are impressed and feel comfortable then jump in – the water is great! Please contact us with any questions that you might have. FUZION’s highly trained professional staff provides a safe, legal and enjoyable experience. Whether you are interested in make-up, skincare, injectables, laser therapy or full body plastic surgery FUZION has the answers to your aesthetic questions.

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