Pin-Up Dreams and Porcelan Skin

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So, I have the “curves” I have the attitude and now I have the skin – thanks to Laura Chirstensen our medically trained Esthetician. She has worked on thousands of patients in New Orleans, and now in Connecticut. She has  helped them reverse signs of aging, photodamage, acne and many more skin issues. Laura will tell you that I had some of the worst skin she has ever worked on; I have  overheard describing it as “rhino skin.” I know she loves me, so I am going to assume that is a term of endearment. Laura has transformed this “rhino skin” into something I can be proud of. From Acutane to ageless. I love her for her dedication. If you have ever pictured “perfect skin” Laura’s face should appear in your head. Everyone thinks she lives in a cave – that is NOT true. My prim, proper, finishing school debutante grew up in Florida and spent many hours on the beach… Laura has dedicated her life to finding effective, realistic and scientifically based products (and treatments) that will not only treat your skin, but instead will transform it! Take it from “Casper,” it is possible!

All of that being said, I am ready to ‘get my pin-up on!’ I have bought a vintage wiggle dress, red peep toe pumps and I made a fabulous hair fascinator. Why you ask? Becuase you can’t possibly pay homage to the American Pin-up girls without these objects. Laura will be Marilyn Monroe that night, and given that I am a little more “vuluptuous” these days, I guess I am stuck with Jane Russell – you know  the one-  she did those 18 hour bra commercials of my youth… Short stick – again!

FUZION is hosting a great FREE event on March 24th – Ladies With An Attitude. We are gathering the greatest talent on Connecticut’s shoreline for one night to help you feel like a beauty queen. Timothy Pamment, Michelle Aynat, Tova’s Vintage Clothing, Nirali’s threading artistry and Carrie Roseman photographer. Come to FUZION, have our experts work you into a vintage dream and then have Carrie take budoir photos of you! Here are a few photos from the photo shoot they did last week. They are so beautiful! Just think, that could be you!