Have you met our 10 semi-finalists?

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Okay. After almost 2 months of and more than 20 video entries, we’ve made our selection for our 10 semi-finalists. So here’s what happens now…

Each semi-finalists comes into FUZION for her complimentary consultation [we'll be taping each consult and may even share some of them with you]. Once all consultations are complete, the FUZION team will review each and vote on the 5 finalists [sort of like American Idol's Hollywood week].

And then it’s up to you. Between August 8 – September 9, you will be able to vote each day for your favorite. You will control who are selected as our 3 honorable mentions, 1 runner up and the winner who will become our newest brand ambassador and be able to have up to $5,000 of medical aesthetic procedures done.

So without further delay, meet your Top 10:
[click to see each entry and watch their videos]

Alison K.
Divorced, turning 40, single mom, looking for love, and soon to be a bridesmaid…Alison could really benefit from a medical makeover! Alison would love to feel confident in this next phase of her life and thinks perhaps teeth whitening, microdermabrasion or more could do the trick.

Kate’s priority is to eliminate the daily concern! She is comfortable making changes and letting people know about it. She is not a stranger to FUZION and now thinks she is ready to take her next beauty baby steps to possibly get fuller cheeks, have the lines removed from her chin, or explore options to remove the extra fat from her inner thighs.

Sure, there may have been a time in our lives when looking a little older was beneficial – but not so much anymore. Meg doesn’t want to look older than her older sisters and certainly doesn’t need to sneak into a bar. After years of putting her children first, Meg realizes it’s time to address the extra skin and wrinkles on her face.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks….or is the saying, you’re never too young to take preventative measures against the aging process? Hal ‘believes’ she can take steps now that will help her achieve eternal youth! Oh, and a laser tattoo removal would be great too!

At this point in Charlene’s life she wants only good things from here on out. Aside from some major life changing events, Charlene continues to try to put her best face forward. She’s looking for love and awaiting the birth of her twin grandchildren. She believes FUZION can help her with her fresh new start and maybe forgo the Grandma title for a Glam-ma title.

Jonna’s on the market…the job market that is! How great would it be to look as confident as you feel. Jonna believes that FUZION can help her as she sets out on her job search. Now that the stress from getting custody of her 3 step-children is subsiding she can now enjoy her family and focus on finding a job and hopefully look younger while doing so.

Some women get used to the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy, but Jill would like a little help! And who can blame this young widowed mom who wants to feel great about herself! She would love FUZION to help her on her quest to regain spunk and confidence. But no matter what the FUZION team recommends, paying some attention to herself may be just what the doctor ordered.

Alison R.
We all know that confidence comes from within, and no matter who tells you or how many times you hear you’re beautiful, you need to feel it. Alison knows that confidence should be felt from within, but just wants a pick-me-up so her outside matches what is on the inside.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….now wouldn’t YOU want your mirror to talk back to you and not notice your age spots, or wrinkles, or droopy skin? Cathi would love to reverse time and thinks FUZION can be her magic wand.

With the hustle and bustle of owning a restaurant, Sue rarely finds time for herself.  No one wants to be mistaken for a grandmother instead of a mom, and Sue is hoping FUZION can put the spring back in her skin…and her step.