FUZION U – A Mommy Diary

I have always been a sun worshipper, and never even used a single skin care product until I was 40. Around age 50, I began thinking… “I eat right, exercise regularly and keep my weight down and basically take care of myself in almost every way. The one thing I really never addressed was my skin, and

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Red in the face!

At FUZION we meet people with red faces all the time. The first order of business is to diagnose the cause. Issues that result in red faces include infection, dermatitis, acne, vasculitis, allergic reaction, sunburn, inflammatory diseases and rosacea. Symptoms include flushing, broken capillaries, redness, acne-like lesions, swelling.. even changing the shape of your nose

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Raging hormones, they’re not just for teenagers

Hormones can seriously impact the healthiness of your skin. Puberty, menstruation, birth control, pregnancy, lactation, peri-menopause, menopause (see where I am going with this….) all cause our hormones to basically “go crazy.” The most obvious peril of hormonal skin is acne. We know that we cannot ‘cure’ acne in the traditional sense, but we keep

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