Four Weeks Later

by , under Bruno

Hi everyone…I want to give you an update on how I am doing.

Over the past four weeks I have been to FUZION for follow ups on my FRAXEL C02 procedure. There is a very NOTICEABLE difference in the tone, texture and overall appearance of my skin. I am no longer blotchy or red, but rather even and blemish free. There is some slight scarring visible—but still not nearly as much as before I had the procedure done.

Since Kati is a perfectionist, she is not completely not happy with the scarring results. That being said, she wants to treat the surface scarring with an Affirm Laser. Affirm is the “step father” of the Fraxel and will treat the surface, where as Fraxel gets down to the deepest layers to stimulate collagen. I’m heading in tomorrow, so we’ll be posting a VLOG on the procedure—stay tuned. Affirm is not as severe as FRAXEL and will not require any downtime, but Kati tells me that I will be RED for at least 24 hrs. nothing compared to the 7 days with FRAXEL!

I also have a consultation with Laura, FUZION’s aesthetician. If you remember from my first VLOG, Laura scolded me for my tanning bed sins of the past. I am excited to see what she has to say about my skin post Fraxel and four months tanning bed free. Stay tuned for the results and thanks for checking in.

And don’t be shy! I encourage you all to ask questions and Kati and I will be happy to address them in our VLOG.